Article John Harrison

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Article John Harrison

Beitrag von Michael13 » 17. Februar 2009 18:15

Due to the fact that this section is only in English, I copied a link from the "Stottern - allgemein" section:
"How I recovered from Stuttering" - ... tering.htm

Thanks to Bernd for posting ...


Emmet O'Connell
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Re: Article John Harrison

Beitrag von Emmet O'Connell » 27. April 2016 09:28

Hello Michael,

I really gained a lot from reading John Harrison's book "Redefining Stuttering". It's a great insight into the mind of a person who stutters. Well worth reading; it's a long read at over 600 pages and it's available as a free download. Here's the link for your convenience.
LINK: ... tering.pdf

I'm a member of The McGuire Programme and John Harrison is a really good friend of Dave McGuire's - the founder of the McGuire Programme.
We use John Harrison's 'How to conquer your fears of speaking before others' Public Speaking programme on the McGuire courses. These Workshops are named after John Harrison.

The Harrison Workshops cover topics such as;
  • Claiming your space, Adding music to your voice, Voice projection, Learning to live with pausing, Deliberate Dysfluency
These workshops really push you outside your comfort zone; they can be challenging, they can be fun and they give you an extra boost to your confidence and self esteem.

If you are curious or have any questions in relation to John Harrison's book or the McGuire Programme please get in touch with me here via pm.
I'm only too happy to help.

Have a great speaking day,


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