Vivian Sheehan past away this afternoon...

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Vivian Sheehan past away this afternoon...

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15 February 2008

I am very sad to bring you the news that Vivian Sheehan past away this
afternoon at her home in Santa Monica, California. Vivian is survived
by her 3 children (Marian, Joe and Kathy), and a wonderful group of
grandchildren to whom she was devoted. Vivian is known for her
pioneering work in the treatment of aphasia as well as her work in
stuttering at the UCLA Speech Psychology Clinic with her late husband
Joseph Sheehan, and later as director of the Sheehan Stuttering
Vivian was an active and vibrant member of Division 4 since its
inception. I know that many of you were very close to her and will
miss her terribly. A memorial service is being planned by her family
for a later date (most likely in March). I will post that information
as soon as I know more.

Those of you who would like to make a gift in Vivian's name can
contribute to the Stuttering Foundation of America. Contributions will
go toward a project that was always important to Vivian and her
Stuttering Foundation of America

3100 Walnut Grove Road, Suite 603
P.O. Box 11749
Memphis, TN 38111-0749

from Vivian Sisskin,
a message fom Norbert


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