BLETHER & SPEAKING OUT - News from Scotland & Great Britain

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BLETHER & SPEAKING OUT - News from Scotland & Great Britain

Beitrag von Michael13 » 20. Mai 2008 10:35

Dear all,

similar to the German "Kieselstein" the Scottish section of the BSA (British Stammering Association) publishes a journal, every six month in Spring and Autumn. It is called "Blether" what can be translated into German with "Quasselei".

Quite consumer-friendly and progressive is the online-publishing. All so far published versions you will find as PDF documents here:

Just recently No. 7 came out and it also includes a "Gast-Beitrag" from Germany :) ...

The BSA itself has a quarterly magazine called "Speaking Out" -

Well, have a look and have fun with getting to know how other cultures deal with stuttering.

All the best, Micha.


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