BSA - conference call self-help group

Inter- and transnational affairs, please write in English - thanks... feel free to write and enjoy
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BSA - conference call self-help group

Beitrag von Michael13 » 3. Juni 2008 22:55

Dear all,

today I tried a new thing in my life ... I joined the BSA conference call self-help group. I bought a telephone card for cheap call throughout Europe in a shop near my home one hour before and phoned about 50 minutes for less than 1 Euro - what I try to epxress with that is that it is absolutely not expensive to call to the UK :) ...

There were about 7 people of who one is like a "moderator" who runs the discussion. Well, not really discussion like on TV with a lot of arguing since people were relaxed and gave each other time to talk. I liked this atmosphere and it was good to speak a different language as well.

So, I can just encourage everyone to join in one of the next times ... even only listening to it might be interesting. As far as I feel there is no need to talk a lot but it is highly appreciated ... I mean it is a line to call :) ... but still, I think especially for people for who English is not there mother tongue it would be also possible to listen to a different thinking, ideas and also language of course ...

Well, I would like to thank everyone again ... and I was thinking to "run a show" on my own as well ... we'll see ...

Next time will be on July 1 and August 5, 2008 (both Tuesdays) starting 7:30 pm ... 20:30 Uhr in Germany (Sommerzeit :) and runs for about one hour until 8:30 pm (21:30 Uhr in Germany).

So far, so good ... enjoy the day and all the best for everyone ... Micha(el).

PS: Besides, the numbers are ... +44 845 458 2090 or +44 207 833 3031 ... I used the latter one.


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