Thanks & Good Bye

Inter- and transnational affairs, please write in English - thanks... feel free to write and enjoy
nicht mehr wegzudenken
nicht mehr wegzudenken
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Thanks & Good Bye

Beitrag von Michael13 » 11. Januar 2009 16:21

Dear all,

herewith I would like to say "Good Bye" as the "moderator" of the subforum "Inter- und Transnationales / Inter- and transnational affairs".

First of all I am not a member of the BVSS anymore and in the end of 2007 I was already approached with this notion. At that time I decided to continue the work as the moderator of this little section since I planned to extend the international activities of the BVSS a bit. To some extent it was successful, but not in the way I planned.

Therefore and secondly, there is not much to moderate ... a subforum with mainly the moderator writing looks a bit funny :) ...

Third of all, I think I shall give other people the opportunity to be a moderator and to learn while working in this function.

Last but not least, I believe in a mode that a forum can live without moderators. This contains in my opinion two conditions:
1. everyone feels responsible for what she or he writes
2. personal things can be clearified by the - most of the cases - two people involved.

Since I believe in this mode I take the first step and leave the "position" as a moderator.
Apart from all that I know that I can write as a "normal" user in this subforum (or in any other forum) as long as I am a user/member of this forum. So, in fact, nothing much will change.

All in all I would like to give myself and also other users more freedom to make experiences using the internet and its various opportunities.

Thus, I would like to thank the BVSS and all users for the time spent together and wish you all a happy 2009 full of inner and outer love.

Lots of greetings, Micha(el Winkler).


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