Being fearful? ... or not - that is the question?

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Being fearful? ... or not - that is the question?

Beitrag von Micha136 » 6. März 2009 21:55

Hello there,

I just checked an internet page that was linked by Quax in this contribution ... ->

On this page "Some Questions to Consider" are being asked and I have taken out one that seems to me a good one to start with:
If you were not fearful of the judgments of other people about how you speak, what would happen to your blocking and stuttering?
I would say that you could also exchange "were not fearful" with "would not care" ... which slightly different but still is almost the same.

So, how would you answer this question ... if you would like to answer it :)


PS: I was just informed that there already is another thread - in German - that deals with this webpage ... so, as you like - either in English here or in German:
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Neues Leben - neues Glück :)


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