Walk and Talk 2009, Aberfeldy (BSA Scotland)

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Walk and Talk 2009, Aberfeldy (BSA Scotland)

Beitrag von Micha136 » 7. März 2009 01:42

Dear all,

for people who are interested in Scotland and walking in the natural landscapes of Scotland (and improving your English skills) I would like to share a link from BSA Scotland - Walk and Talk 2009, Aberfeldy - http://www.stammering.org/scotland/aberfeldy.html

Just have a look and maybe you plan to Scotland (or England or the UK resp.) anyway during this time (June 2009) ... so, it might be an opportunity to think about.

Greetings from Dresden in the "Saxon Elbe Valley" :) ... Micha.
Neues Leben - neues Glück :)


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