Welcoming ... Warum & Why this "sub-thread"?

Inter- and transnational affairs, please write in English - thanks... feel free to write and enjoy
nicht mehr wegzudenken
nicht mehr wegzudenken
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Welcoming ... Warum & Why this "sub-thread"?

Beitrag von Michael13 » 26. Mai 2007 00:25

Ein Hallo an alle ForumsleserInnen,

ich begrüße Euch herzlich beim Sub-Forum "Inter- und Transnationales / Inter- and transnational affairs".
Wie ihr vielleicht bereits erraten habt, ist dies ein englischsprachiger Teil ... and that's why I would like to shift to English now.

Well, hello again ...
although Germany is the biggest country in Europe - populationwise - it is always very important to extend our views, to widen our horizons - so to speak. That is why we decided to open an English section in the BVSS-Forum.

What is this Sub-Forum for?
Well, for everything that is important to you and that is in a certain way related to stuttering. If not so much then please use the Sub-Forum "Off Topic" ... that makes it easier for all of us.
Apart from that you may write about international conferences or such things in any country in the world, including Germany as well ... may be there are people from abroad checking this Forum ... so they may also find interesting things.

Last but not least, I would like to point out, that this is a trial-sub-forum ... maybe it will be "dead" in a way or whatever ... We (or I :)) have no experience with a thing like that ... Thus we will see where it will go to ... in any case it will be interesting, I guess.

So, enjoy and feel free to write ... as you see in my post - Your English needs not to be perfect, not at all - people will understand you, no worries ...

All the best and hope to see you soon ...
Micha (moderator of this Sub-Forum).


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