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Some songs about and with a stutter ...

Verfasst: 25. Juli 2007 06:39
von Michael13
Dear all,

in the times of YouTube and all these video sites you can find some interesting songs and videos, just like the following ones:

Stutter Rap - Morris Minor & Majors:

Joe feat Mystikal - Stutter (Remix):

Some lines go like this: I can tell you're lying, Cause when you're replying, You stutter, stutter, st-st-stutter, stutter.

Elastica - Stutter:

"No need to whine boy Like a wind up toy you stutter at my feet."

Kubichek! - Stutter:

Funny and interesting the first two line regarding stuttering :):
This is a problem, it needs to be solved by you, So don't just lie there and make your excuses

James - Stutter:

Read the whole text maybe ... Well, expression ... that's it maybe :):

Well, in some cases it might be not so easy to get some prejudice out of people's minds, hmmm :) ... anyways. A stutter is not just a stutter.

I guess you all know that one: Scatman John - Scatman:

And maybe also that one ... The Knack - My Sharona ("M-m-m-m-m-y Sharona":

Sure, you know her :) ... Marilyn Monroe - Happy Birthday, Mr. President:

So far, so good ... Enjoy the day and check this out
... Micha.

Verfasst: 25. Juli 2007 14:38
von Heiko Bräuer
Hello Michael,

thanks for this songs and videos. I have also known a stuttering song in German, but i cant remember who it singing. The only thing I knew that it was singing by a man and children and the title was something like "müller" or so :roll: Do you know this song or have heard it?

Verfasst: 26. Juli 2007 00:30
von Michael13
Hello Heiko, dear all,

no, unfortunately I don't know this song ... from what time was it? 80s? 90s?

But I found another song from "KLF - What time is Love?":

And the guy who raps in that sings a line like:
You know the time, I never stutter
A feat, a dream, a-yeah seem bright
Yeah, pass the mic -- What Time Is Love?

In this context he means that he won't get stuck during his rap, so anyway ... I found and still find this song extremely "cool" (to use this word). KLF were a weird group, very smart and innovative as well as "a bit cunning" ("schlau" in this case) ...

Besides, I just recently found again that the famous Croation musician Zlatan Stipišic Gibonni also stutters sometimes. I did not know him before I went to the 8th World Congress for People Who Stutter in Cavtat/Dubrovnik in Croatia this May. I found some of his songs quite interesting ... like this one:

Anyways ... if you find the song with Müller and stuttering then let us know ... the only Müller I know is Marius Müller-Westerhagen :) ... Do you mean him?

So far, so good, enjoy the videos and have a nice day, Micha.

Verfasst: 26. Juli 2007 13:56
von Heiko Bräuer
I don´t mean a song from Marius Müller-Westernhagen and I think that the song was from the present. The only thing i can say surely is that the song was singing by a man and children. Any other details i can´t remember :(

Oldies but Goldies

Verfasst: 20. August 2007 22:42
von Manfred
Hi Michael,

here are some oldies but goldies,
with slightly stuttering songs.
I ever like to hear the songs.

B-b-b-baby, You Ain't Seen N-n-n-nothin' Yet
from Bachman Turner Overdrive

mmmy gggeneration
from The Who

But it's a pity, the equipment will not last long.
It's only for one song...

Enjoy the songs and have fun!!!

Verfasst: 21. August 2007 12:22
von blanka
Nancy Sinatra: Sugar Town.

Rita Pavone: La Partita de Pallone.

See it at youtube. They stutter themselves - Nancy, in order to smoothe things (su-su-su-su-sugar town), Rita, to make clear she s angry but at the same time a little unsure how to adress her lover.

Besides, enjoy Ritas really weird costume (and hair cut!!) - and Nancys really wonderful-world-lyrics...

PS And more - Rita uses stuttering quite often. Very impressive: La Papa col Pomodore.

Maybe stuttering here serves as opportunity to get some of one s wild energy out??? For Rita s success was in her incredible small and wild perfomance - small: she s only 1.49m tall - and she bounces around like a rubber ball - so if she didn t stutter once in a while, she would have bounced away out of the studios??? :lol:

Note: stuttering may avoid accidents!

PPS Off Topic, for those interested in Rita s master works: see


Yes, I would have been one of her groupies :D

Song "Stuttering" by Ben's Brother

Verfasst: 29. Oktober 2007 22:21
von Manfred
A new stuttering song has started around the world.
The song is from the Ben's Brother and it's called "Stuttering".

Watch it at YouTube:

More Infos about the song you'll find at:

Verfasst: 29. Oktober 2007 22:28
von Norbert
Tomorrow, October 30th, a British band, Ben’s Brother, is releasing a single in the US called ‘Stuttering’. Much of the song is sung in a false stammer and it has the chorus line: ‘Kiss me again, ‘cos only you can stop me st- st- st- st-stuttering’ ( ).

To promote the number, the band recently suggested that fans should sing the song on camera and upload a video to YouTube ( ). Surprisingly, this same stuttering song was recently featured in a US commercial for Dentyne Ice (

It is another perfect example of how many people don’t realise that stammering can be a serious communications disorder; daily communication is a constant struggle, so speech does not always open all the normal doors to social, academic, and professional development and fulfillment - but often closes them.

The British Stammering Association has complained to Ben’s Brother and asked them to try to understand why it is wrong to create inaccurate portrayals of stammering and inaccurate stereotypes of people who stammer. Leys Geddes, Vice Chair of the BSA, recently posted a video on YouTube drawing attention to the categorisation as Comedy of videos which show people stammering or pretending to stammer (
). ‘It is just as unfair and hurtful’ he says ‘to stereotype, criticise or mock people who stammer as it is the disabled or ethnic minorities’.

Nearly 750,000 children and adults in the UK stammer; not surprisingly, virtually none of them chooses a high profile lifestyle. Thus stammering is hardly ever heard, especially in main media channels, and therefore the condition is virtually ignored.

The Government’s Bercow Review is currently looking into speech and language difficulties amongst children, and the ability of the NHS to provide the necessary resource. In some areas, at the moment, there is no service at all.


Vice Chair, British Stammering Association
Home T 020 8274 0047 M 07768 230121

Verfasst: 12. Januar 2008 20:06
von Michael13
Hello there,

last week I found another song which I can still remember from my "childhood days" (sounds as if I am 60 :)) ...
Well, an absolutely "geiler" song: - Bruce & Bongo "Geil"

So enjoy the day and keep on popping :) ... Micha.

Verfasst: 12. Januar 2008 20:19
von Tarantandy
Hi Michael,

oh, when you choose "Geil", I take: "na-na-na-na-na-na-nineteen" by Paul Hardcastle (?; should be!), from the mid of the 1980s.
I didn' t feel very pleased as a friend said: "It' s the perfect song for people who stutter." (because of the not ending recurrences)

Best wishes

Verfasst: 12. Januar 2008 20:52
von Michael13
Hey Andi,

that's a good one: Paul Hardcastle "19" -

Maybe it is quite interesting to read the story "behind" resp. after the song: (German: So, as I just read Simon Fuller's company 19 also produced Gareth Gates (a British pop singer who was became somehow famous because of his stutter):
His company 19 Recordings has achieved million selling acts including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, Fantasia, Will Young and Gareth Gates, as well as stars from Germany, Australia, Canada and other territories.

Maybe we should get Simon Fuller for a German Stutter Band ... Does anyone have an idea for a good band name? :)

In diesem Sinne ... oops "in this sense" ... "Na-na-na-na-nineteen" :) ... Micha.

Verfasst: 22. Januar 2008 12:45
von Michael13
Hello there,

last weekend I met a guy from the Leipzig-based free radio station "Radio Blau" ( I told him about my idea to bring some songs with a stutter in my monthly "Brunchradio" show on coloRadio (

He mentioned another song:
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Boom! Shake the room" -

Will Smith sings some lines containing this:
here I go
the the f-f-f-f-fresh p-p-p-prince is who I am
so tell my mother that I never wrote a whack jam
but some times I get n-nervous and start to stutter
and I f-fumble every word for word I utter
so I just try to ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chill
but it gets worse-a but worse-a but-but-but worse still
I need the c-c-c-crowd to k-k-k-kick it to me
they help me calm down and I can get through it
so higher higher

So, my friends ... Get out to calm down, seek the adventure in the crowd ... :)
Enjoy the day ... Micha.

Verfasst: 22. Januar 2008 22:06
von Reinhold
Michael13 hat geschrieben:Hello there,

I told him about my idea to bring some songs with a stutter in my monthly "Brunchradio" show on coloRadio (
Hi Michael!

Wow, I’m deeply impressed, you're a real radio DJ ! :o
I also enjoy listening to independent radio here in Marburg, because it’s a very unpleasant and boring thing to hear conventional radio in Germany.
I’m sure you will play the better music! :D

I’ve seen ColoRadio has a live stream, please give us a note when your next show starts! :D


Verfasst: 23. Januar 2008 23:01
von Michael13
Dear Reinhold, dear all,
flojanika hat geschrieben:Wow, I’m deeply impressed, you're a real radio DJ ! :o
"Thanks for the flowers" (Very good Denglish from my side :))
Well, what's a "real radio DJ"? :) ... I try to play music - music I like and of which I hope the audience likes ... it is difficult to evaluate how many people listen to it. Nevertheless I get a feedback from time to time ... mostly positive :) ...
flojanika hat geschrieben:I’ve seen ColoRadio has a live stream, please give us a note when your next show starts! :D
You got me at the right point (again good Denglish ... I intended to say "Da hast du mich am richtigen Punkt erwischt" ... or something like this ... even the German Version sounds a bit odd :)) ...
Well, just two day ago I decided to stop any regular activities with coloRadio since I found out why the work is sometimes not really satisfying for me. It is not a problem of me only I have realise during the past 4 years of my activities. In the end I found out that it is very simple ... Just check the Homepage ... it contains the words "Freies Radio" (free radio) and "linkes Projekt" (left project). And this is the point ... either you want to make a free programme or a left programme. They are also "against the medial mainstream" but why not "for medial diversity" ... being against something will be - in the end - a boomerang since we are all part of the same thing. We are all mainstream for instance :) ...
Anyway ... it just turned out to be so clear for me after years of not understanding and trying to change things (well, the BVSS was/is not the only "battle field" for me :)) ... that is why I just practised "loud thinking" :)

Well, my next show will be on Saturday, February 2, 2008, 1200-1400 (12-14 Uhr) - ( ... it will also be the last "Brunchradio" ... The other show I am running (making?) from time to time is a "cinema show" (Kinostadt Dresden), in which new movies will be portrayed and songs from OSTs will be played. Well, I think since it will be on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 (2000-2030) and this day is the birthday of my "childhood idol Winnetou" (Pierre Brice) :) ... I guess I will mainly play some Winnetou songs by Martin Böttcher ( ... and some other songs ... maybe by Ronald Reagan :) ... since February 6 was his birthday, too. ... Well, and maybe Bob Marley (born Feb 6, 1945) ... Hmm, well, I just have 30 minutes :) ...
Anyways, it will be fun and you are most welcome ... Micha.

PS: Besides, making radio can be a good therapy, I have realised ... I started with pre-produced shows (eliminating some stuttering moments :)) and now I do everything live.

Verfasst: 23. Januar 2008 23:04
von Michael13
Ooops & Hoppla, I forgot to mention another song with a stutter, well maybe not the single version, but the remix and the US-maxi-version have some in it ... okay, it is an "artificial stutter" ... a piece of art even, maybe :)

Here we go ... one of the "first white rappers":

Falco "Amadeus"

Listen and enjoy it, Micha.