OSLOGO Conference in BRNO (CR) on Oct 19, 2007

Inter- and transnational affairs, please write in English - thanks... feel free to write and enjoy
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OSLOGO Conference in BRNO (CR) on Oct 19, 2007

Beitrag von Michael13 » 4. September 2007 16:40

Dear all,

for all who are interested in a conference on stuttering in the Czech city of Brno this might be interesting:

Friday ... Oct 19, 2007: Konference u příležitosti Mezinárodního dne porozumění koktavosti v Kongresovém centru na brněnském výstavišti

The programme you can find here:
http://hinweis.xtm.de/stottern/artikel/ ... erence.pdf or your check (not Czech :)) the Homepage of OSLOGO - http://www.oslogo.cz

Enjoy the day, Michael Winkler.

PS: I am just about to ask how much will be in English. But since there are foreign guest from France, Japan and Croatia it won't be only in Czech or Slovak, I guess.



Beitrag von blanka » 15. September 2007 12:13

Hi Micha,

the name of the organization is LOGO - OS serves only for the Czech notion of NGO: Obcanske Sdruzeni.

Again I d like to stress that LOGO is not a self help organization of and exclusively for stotterers.

The official website of LOGO says:

podporuje osoby postižené poruchami komunikace.

In English: LOGO helps persons with communication disorder.

It was founded in 2002. There are various "clubs": Stutterers´club, Klub afatiků (I dont know the English notion - maybe people affected by aphasy?), childrens´club, club of experts.

See the English site of the "Stutterers´club" (founded in 2004 by Petr Stanicek, a speech therapist in Brno, working at a private clinic) at


The only group with self help character is "BALBUS", but it works on an informal level, and the only really active persons so far are Jiri Mazoch, Brno, and Hana Zeda, Ochoz near Brno. Jiri said Anita Blom from ELSA will register him as a contact person in the Czech Republic, he already wrote some articles in the ISA newspaper.

Hoping BALBUS will soon get more publicity - at least in self help organization of stutterers (like ELSA is) - but as always its a matter of time and money. Its hard to compete with a private clinic having contacts to the Lions´Club amongst others...

Here s the site of BALBUS: http://www.volny.cz/balbus/index.htm

Another hint (unfortunately its only in Czech) may be:

http://www.balbuticka.komunita.cz/index.php. Amongst others, there s a link to a web community, in Czech.

Anyone interested in BALBUS or other Czech topics concerning stuttering, feel free to contact me.


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